Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"Sally, Well I've made it AND I'm feeling OK :)" Iris (flying phobia- Hypnotherapy for Phobias)

"Thank you very much for the confidence you put back into me ... I kept calm and listened to your cds...thank you once again for having faith in me." Lynn (flying phobia- Hypnotherapy for Phobas).

Thank you Sally, I have recommended you to people I know. Richard (flying phobia- Hypnotherapy for Phobias)

Thank you very much for your help. My husband and all the people I travelled with agreed that I was a different person. I even took my seatbelt off during the flight which I have never done before and I enjoyed looking out of the window. Thanks again, and I am already looking forward to my next holiday!" Penny (flying phobia- Hypnotherapy for Phobias)

I'd just like to say thank you. After the sessions I was able to sleep soundly and felt more confident and in control leading up to and during my holiday. Sue (holiday anxiety- Hypnotherapy for Anxiety)

*I would like to say a really big thank you for helping me and putting me back to my normal happy self. If I find myself lost or confused again, I will not hesitate to contact you. I believe in hypnotherapy and have recommended it to friends and family. Thank you once more" Helen

A pleasant and relaxing time. I've never looked back" Alison (Hypnotherapy for Stress)

"Survived! Without stitches too. Thanks for all the help - it really did work - I even managed a laugh while in the waiting room." Lyn (Dental phobia- Hypnotherapy for Phobias).

*"Sally, just a line to let you know I am recovering well from my operation. Many thanks for your help." Jo (Surgery fears- Hypnotherapy for Phobias).

My hypnotherapy session was excellent. I left feeling empowered and positive, I'm on the road to a happier and healthier lifestyle, Thanks again Sally!" Richard (Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy)

Giving up was easy, thanks to hypnosis. Wish I'd done it sooner." Doug (Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy)

*Please note that that results can vary, there is no guarantee of specific results. This is why I always like to meet people for a free of charge consultation, to ensure that what I do is suitable for you, and for you to make an informed decision. I will always be honest about the likely outcome.