Hypnotherapy for anxiety and more

Help with Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and Phobias

Anxiety and anxiety related conditions can be and often are, debilitating. It often shrinks your world by either preventing you from doing the things you want or need to do, or making those things difficult/unenjoyable. It can feel like you're no longer in control and after a while you become afraid of how you might feel in a situation, so avoid that situation.

The number of sessions varies as each client is different, for most, somewhere between 2-10 sessions is realistic. Usually weekly or fortnightly, or a combination of both. 

Approx 50 mins per session £80

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Diets rarely work in the long term. With hypnotherapy, there is an end to dieting. The focus is on changing your thoughts, feelings and habits around food and installing a desire for health, that puts you on autopilot for naturally healthier choices. 

It's not a quick fix, but a longer term solution that is worth the wait. 

5 fortnightly sessions

Up to 50 mins per session £350

Weight loss with hypnotherapy
Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Stop smoking

When you try and stop something, you usually find your mind focuses on that thing. The more you deny yourself, the more your mind wants it. So how do we change that? With hypnotherapy for stopping smoking, we enable your subconscious mind to be so focued on what you acutally want - a happy, healthy, fresh smelling future, with more cash in your pocket, that it just forgets about wanting to do any other. 

Simple, yet amazingly effective.

A single 90 minute session £230 with a free follow up session if it's ever needed (with no expiry date). 

What a pain in the butt! Often literally. Hypnotherapy is very effective for helping with IBS and is recommended by NICE due to the amount of clinical research which backs this up. 

The sessions work on allowing your body and mind to find a more relaxed state and regaing a healthy mind/gut connection.

The 5 sessions are at various speciic intervals over approx 12 weeks.

40- 50 mins per session £350

IBS Hypnotherapy

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is always facinating. Who were you in your past life/lives? What did you experience? Are there thing's that happened to you in a past life that still impact you today in your current life? 

Past life regression often brings opportunities to allow the letting go of any negative energy that has come though into your current life. and bring through any good energies to enable you to be happier and healthier in this life. 

90 minute session £100. 

Sally Race

BSc.Hons.O.T Dip.C.H MNCH

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sally specialises in helping people with anxiety and anxiety related conditions, such as panic attacks, phobias, OCD, trauma, PTSD and phobias. She believes that good mental health takes a holistic approach, i.e. to look at the bigger picture of what makes you, you. There's rarely one 'cure', it's usually several little things that need to change to make a big difference.

Sally is eclectic in her therapeutic work, using a range of different skills to attain the best possible outcome, because we are all individual and one size does not fit all. 

Prior to taking anyone on as a client, Sally will see you for a free of charge consultation (£5 deposit, refunded after you attend), so she can understand what you want to achieve, if she feels that she can help, will explain what the process would be.

There is never any obilgation to book any tharapy after this, it has to feel right for you.

If Sally feels that she can't help, she can usually point you in the direction of someone who can, or suggest an alternative therapy.


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