Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

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"That was so weird, and so amazing!"  C.S on experiencing Past Llfe Regression

Past life regression utilises hypnotherapy to access the very deepest part of your memory. The memories that have remained with you as you have moved from one life onto the next and the next.


There are lessons to be learned and healing that can take place from learning about our past lives, unlike many people assume, most of us haven't been anyone famous (but we never know until you go there).


It is believed that we carry traits, fears and sometimes illnesses and injuries from one life into the next. Past life regression can be very helpful in enabling us to deal with any of these things that we have brought forwards with us and let them go, if they do not serve us well in this life.

I use therapeutic techniques to work through & release any negative emotions and create space for a positive, healthy future in this life.


Past Life Regression is a very deeply relaxing session, sometimes leading to as many questions as answers.

Past Life Regression; 90 minutes £1o0