Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem

What could you do if you had more confidence?



                   Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of boosting your confidence and self-esteem!

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A lack of self confidence and self esteem can have a variety of causes, but it's really important to understand that each of us needs to take conscious action to rebuild our confidence when we have had an experience that has lowered it.

Clients seeking help for confidence range from high-flying business people who have just suffered a setback and need to rapidly rebuild confidence to those who have chronic low self-esteem (never really felt like they have had any).

Many people suffering from chronic low confidence have simply not developed habits of thought and action that create a robust sense of self confidence.

Hypnotherapy can provide powerful and effective solution to rapidly rebuild confidence and develop a robust self-esteem.

So... what could you achieve with your new confidence?

Apply for a new job or promotion?

Take a year out and go traveling?

Start a new hobby?

Go on a date?

Ask the person you like, to go on a date?

Start a business?

You can choose what you want to do and have the confidence to do it!

So what are your top four things to do when you get the confidence to do them?

Please note; results can vary from person to person, we are all individual.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Each session lasts up to 50 minutes.

£75 per session

Hypnotherapy in Derby, Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire Hypnotherapy in Heanor.

I provide help with the following conditions/areas of life using hypnosis and / or NLP:

Weight loss

- Hypnotherapy for weight loss 1:2:1 five session programme

- Weight loss workshop / weight loss class - half day

1:2:1 Hypnotherapy sessions for;

Stress relief / stress management

Phobias eg.

- fear of spiders (arachnophobia), fear of flying (aerophobia), fear of birds (ornithophobia), fear of social situations (social anxiety), fear of presenting (glossophobia), fear of being sick (emetophobia).


Public speaking



Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

Stop smoking / Smoking cessation / quitting smoking

- 90 minute 1:2:1 session of hypnotherapy for stop smoking

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Hypnotherapy for IBS 1:2:1 five session programme

Sports Performance Enhancement

- improve your golf handicap, tennis, driving, cycling, badminton, boxing, martial arts, shooting, archery

Hypnotherapy for Personal development




Social skills

Effectiveness in the workplace

The ability to reflect

Negotiating skills

Team work skills


Interview confidence & skills

Being decisive

Increasing motivation

Creating a work/life balance