Hypnotherapy for Driving Test

Hypnotherapy for driving test nerves?

Or already passed but anxiety creeps in when you have to drive on a motorway?

We know that sometimes anxiety gets the better of us when the pressure is on, so you may be great, fantastic even, when you are driving in your lessons and practice, but on test day something changes, your heart rate goes up and confidence drops through the floor.

Imagine, how it would change the way you perform during your test if you could change those nervous, anxious feelings into ones of excitement, calm or enjoyment?

Would this increase your likelihood of passing? 

What about parking up at the roadside, reversing into a roadside space or in a car park?  Would changing your feelings at that moment make a difference? Leaving you free to park where you like, confidently?

Or have you passed your test and drive confidently on local roads, but get chills at the thought of driving on a motorway or dual carridgeway? It's more common than you think, some people go miles and miles out of their way just to avoid motorways, despite them being the safest roads to drive on. 

Imagine feeling the same driving on a motorway as if you were popping to Tesco, or just a bit bored of the long drive, thats what I aim to help people achieve. Of course, you set your own goals, we're all different.

Hypnotherapy for Driving test nerves and motorway driving.

Each session lasts up to 50 minutes.

 ¬£75 per session